How Can We Afford to Go Solar? You Can’t Afford Not to Go Solar!

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  • Increase Property Value Without Increasing Your Taxes
  • Environmentally Friendly Clean Energy Source
  • Able to Withstand Hurricane Wind Speeds
  • Monitor Energy Production & Revenue Earned Online

Goldin Solar is Florida’s leading solar energy contractor. We are committed to helping our customers produce their own electricity in a less expensive manner by installing only the most reputable equipment at the best possible price!

Owned & Operated by Engineers | Commercial & Residential Experts

Turnkey, Professional Concierge Installations 

Let’s Change The World Together!


Goldin Solar is Florida’s leading solar energy contractor with offices in Miami, Orlando, and Vero Beach. We believe solar energy is not only about the well-being of our planet, but a huge financial opportunity for current homeowners. Our job is to install the most reliable equipment, at the best possible price. We make it as simple as possible for you to save the most money and make the most difference for the planet.

Daren Goldin

Daren Goldin, cofounder and CEO of Goldin Solar, is a Miami native who completed his MS in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Construction Engineering & Project Management from the University Daof Texas in Austin, TX. 

Apart from running Goldin Solar, Daren’s YouTube show ‘The Green Stuff’, explores the intersection of modern life and sustainability.

Joe Cataldo

Joe Cataldo, cofounder and COO graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in power electronics and semi-conductor manufacturing.

Joe is a product expert, who developed a vast knowledge of solar equipment and supply chain economics by designing PV systems for NASA and the US Navy, as well as brokering over $10M for solar projects in the Caribbean. His experience also includes educating, and consulting for utility and government projects.

Marshall Terrin

Marshall Terrin, Goldin Solar’s director of sales, joined Goldin Solar with a background in business development & marketing. Marshal served our country in the Marine Corps until 2008 and was one of the youngest combat veterans in his battalion to achieve the rank of Sergeant.

The Green Stuff

The Green Stuff embody’s our founders passion for all things environmentally-friendly. The show featured electric cars, green building, and those who “put their money where their mouth is, and their panels where their house is.” Check out The Green Stuff and subscribe on YouTube!